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  • EIB in the Mediterranean partner countries*

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  • EIB in the Mediterranean partner countries*

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  • Facing new challenges in the southern Mediterranean 

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  • The EIB supports projects in the Mediterranean Neighbourhood that help improve lives for millions of people by supplying safe and reliable water, improving education and health care, financing sustainable transport or helping small businesses and start-up companies grow.

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  • European Investment Bank projects in the region improve lives for millions of people by supplying safe and reliable water, improving education and health care, financing sustainable transport or helping small businesses and start-up companies grow.

    We support the economy and the social well-being of the Mediterranean partner countries. We work closely with the European Commission, European Union countries and other international financial institutions to make our projects a success.

    Our work in the region is complemented by the Economic Resilience Initiative (ERI). The European Union developed this initiative to help countries face the challenges created by forced displacement and migration. Under ERI, we offer competitive loans that finance up to 50% of a project. We also offer grants through partnerships with EU countries and other donors. We also provide technical assistance to share knowledge and expertise with the businesses receiving funding.

    Our priorities in the region:

    Private sector

    We work to develop the local private sector, which is a key way to help the economy and create jobs. We support large companies directly and we help smaller businesses through our partnerships with local banks. We also provide technical assistance and advisory services to identify, prepare and develop investments projects. We have a wide range of financial products.


    Creating an environment where businesses can grow and get financing easily requires a good socio-economic infrastructure. Our goal is to provide financing that improves transport connectivity as well as power generation and distribution. We help build or modernise airports, roads, bridges and power plants. We also want to help society, so we finance the construction and refurbishment of schools and research facilities. In one of the world’s driest regions, we also help provide clean water. We have backed numerous projects in water and sanitation, solid waste disposal, pollution abatement and irrigation.


    Droughts, heatwaves and water scarcity are key concerns in Mediterranean countries. The region is not doing enough to prepare for climate change, so the EIB is managing the Climate Action Envelope (CAMENA), covering the Middle East and North Africa. CAMENA provides early stage technical assistance grants and helps structure financial packages for climate projects.

    Twenty-percent of our financing in the Mediterranean partner countries supports the climate.

    EIB impact in Mediterranean partner countries, 2016-2020

    21 projects worth €1.79 billion

    Impact goals:
    • 680,000 people with improved sanitation
    • 83,200 jobs sustained
    • 95 million trips per year on improved public transport
    • 243,000 households with clean electricity

    Would you like to know more about EIB impact in each country?

    Contact us

    Do you need a loan for your project? 

    If you are a public authority and need a loan over €25 million, contact our local office
    If you need a smaller loan, contact our local partner banks.

    Do you have a question?

    For topics on financing, organisation and objectives of the EIB, contact our Information Desk.
    Contact us.
    Tel.  +352 4379-22000
    Frequently asked questions

    Are you a journalist? 

    Contact our press officer.
    Press office.
    Tel.  +352 4379-21000

    [1] Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya*, Morocco, Palestine**, Syria* and Tunisia.

    * The EIB will start operating in Libya when a Framework Agreement is signed, but negotiations with the country are on hold. Following EU sanctions against Syria in November 2011, the EIB suspended all loan and advisory activity in the country.

    ** This designation shall not be construed as recognition of a State of Palestine and is without prejudice to the positions of EU countries on this issue.

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