Arab women chart a new business path


Meet a group of Arab women entrepreneurs and find out how women thrive when they get access to finance and support to develop their business. And when women flourish, the whole economy benefits.

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At Zain Innovation Campus in the centre of Amman, young Jordanians come to pitch and share their ideas with fellow entrepreneurs, students and professionals.  “In many ways it’s a golden era of entrepreneurship, born from very difficult circumstances,” says Emile Cubeisy, the manager of Badia Impact Fund, which offers mentoring and capital to young people and women. “If we collectively harness this opportunity we can do something very special.” 

The women whose stories we tell here—Amina, Hayat, Adla, Shua’a, Amani and Chirine—are charting a new path for women entrepreneurs and professionals in the EU’s Southern Neighborhood, covering 10 North African and Middle Eastern countries. The European Investment Bank invests in that new path by financing funds like Badia Impact and backing projects in which women and girls benefit equally and equitably.

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