EIB Fraud Investigations Activity Report 2020


This Fraud Investigations Activity Report describes the activities of the Inspectorate General’s Fraud Investigations Division (IG/IN) in 2020, giving an overview of IG/IN’s work to prevent, detect, investigate and remedy Prohibited Conduct affecting EIB Group activities.

In particular, the report provides:

  • A chapter dedicated to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on IG/IN’s investigations;
  • Relevant statistics and analysis on the number of allegations received and investigations conducted;
  • A number of internal and external case studies reflecting the range of allegations handled by investigators as well as the findings and lessons learned;
  • An overview of the fraud detection tools and methodology developed by IG/IN as well as relevant case studies showcasing how on-the-ground Proactive Integrity Reviews are performed;
  • An overview on deterrence and rehabilitation activities; and
  • Information on the policy work undertaken by IG/IN, such as fraud and corruption training and awareness initiatives for EIB Group staff members, and continued efforts in outreach and global partnerships.