EIB Group – Environmental Statement 2019


In April 2019 the EIB Group conducted a second (surveillance) audit on our Environmental Management System (EMS). This EIB Group 2019 Environmental Statement aligns to our 2018 and will allow the EIB Group to report the latest environmental performance data in each of the subsequent Environmental Statements in accordance with the EU Eco-Management Audit Scheme (EMAS). Environmental activity is not new to the EIB Group; we already measure and manage our internal carbon emissions for over a decade. This EMAS Environmental Statement, reports on the goals set out in our Environmental policy, adopted in 2018.

“EMAS offers us the framework to manage and continually improve our internal environmental performance. Furthermore, we influence our suppliers and service providers through the adoption of Green Public Procurement (GPP) practices by including environmental criteria in our tendering processes.” W. Hoyer, President.


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