Complaints Mechanism Activity Report 2018


This Activity Report is prepared in accordance with the EIB Group Complaints Mechanism (EIB-CM) Policy and Procedures approved in November 2018. It includes the EIB Group related cases dealt with by the European Ombudsman who also releases its own Annual Report, covering all EU Institutions and bodies.

The 2018 EIB-CM Activity Report outlines the activities performed and includes:

  • Examples of cases closed and ongoing at the end of the year;
  • Updates on the revised CM Policy and special remark on the 10 years anniversary of the creation of the CM
  • Dialogue with Civil Society Organisations;
  • Inter-institutional cooperation with Accountability Mechanisms of other International Financial Institutions IFIs).
  • Statistics of handled complaints, including the complaints lodged with the European Ombudsman against the EIB;

In 2018, EIB-CM registered 94 new cases and managed to close a record 120 cases (72 in 2017), with 89 cases outstanding at the end of the year. A particular emphasis was placed on the Mombasa Mediation, the largest mediation exercise in the history of the Complaints Mechanism

The EIB-CM has been active in the network of the IFIs’ Independent Accountability Mechanisms, identifying trends, sharing experiences and lessons learnt as well as to identify and formalise collaboration, notably in complaint cases in co-financed projects.