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  • Project-related technical assistance contributes to improving the quality of lending operations throughout the project cycle and enhancing their development impact.

    Technical assistance operations aim to:

    • enhance project quality and success rate;
    • increase the efficiency and sustainability;
    • complement other financial products

    In accordance with the strategic thrust of the Investment Facility, technical assistance operations mainly focus on:

    • financial sector operations, notably microfinance support and SME lending;
    • infrastructure undertakings, notably in the water and wastewater sectors, ICT, transport and energy sectors.
    Coverage Period covered Budget
    Investment facility (Cotonou) ACPs & OCTs 2008-2013 Up to EUR 40.15 m
    2014-2020 Up to EUR 95 m

    The Republic of South Africa is not eligible. Funds can be provided as interest rate subsidies, one-off grants or insurance premiums.

    Technical assistance for regional infrastructure projects in Sub-Saharan Africa is available through the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund.

    Technical assistance for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa is available through the following initiatives:

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