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We invest in initiatives that create links between people, businesses and economies. The initiatives we support aim at addressing the challenges and risks of our changing world, and are the concrete evidence of the EU’s importance to lives and businesses in Europe and beyond.


Economic Resilience Initiative

This initiative aims to boost economic resilience in the Southern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans, also in the context of the migration challenge. We are scaling up our investments in both regions to deliver substantial impact on the ground.

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Gender equality

The EIB Group approved a strategy for gender equality and women’s economic empowerment. The strategy strengthens the impact on gender equality of EIB Group lending and support for projects that increase the economic participation of women.

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Circular economy

To develop a sustainable yet competitive economy, we need to address our current linear economic model and find ways to circulate our resources for as long as possible. The EIB provides finance and advisory for circular economy projects.

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Preserving our oceans

The EIB is investing in the sustainable blue economy and supporting initiatives aiming at reducing pollution and preserving our oceans. Under our Clean and Sustainable Ocean Programme, the Sustainable Ocean Strategy (“Blue SOS”) and the Clean Oceans Initiative aim to invest in projects focusing on sustainable development on rivers, coasts and the oceans across the globe.

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Investing for Youth

Our Investing for youth initiative aims to address the jobs crisis facing the EU's young generation of 15-24 year olds. We build on our lengthy experience and expertise gained in financing both small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and the education sector in Europe, with continuous efforts to stimulate job opportunities and skills training for Europe's youth.

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