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  • Project appraisal is carried out by the EIB's teams of engineers, economists and financial analysts, in close cooperation with the promoter.

    Criteria for a typical EIB appraisal are tailored to each specific project. Results are included in the project report to the Board of Directors for a financing decision.

    • eligibility (consistency with the EU's priority objectives)
    • Overall quality and soundness

    Project quality is based on:

    Technical scope:

    • definition of the project's "technical description";
    • technical soundness, innovative technology, risks and mitigation measures;
    • information on capacity for products/services.


    • promoter capability to implement the planned project;
    • information on timing and employment during implementation;


    • promoter's capability to operate and maintain the project;
    • information on production/service, operating and maintenance costs, employment during operational life.


    • compliance with applicable legislation and EIB guidelines.

    Environmental impact:

    • compliance with applicable legislation;
    • information on environmental impact assessment.

    Market and demand:

    • analysis of the products/services demand over the project's life, with reference to sectoral studies of the Projects Directorate.

    Investment cost:

    • information on project costs and its detailed components;
    • comparison with cost of similar projects.


    • information on financial profitability and related indicators (e.g. rate of return);
    • information on economic profitability.

    Once financed, the project's progress is regularly monitored.

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