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Rome, Italy


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Since 2004, Italy has pledged a total of EUR 52.5 million to three EIB trust funds. The country was one of the initial contributors to the FEMIP Trust Fund (FTF). Through contributions to the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (EU-AITF), Italy has also supported development assistance to infrastructure projects in sub-Saharan Africa. The country is one of the largest contributors to the new Economic Resilience Initiative Fund (ERIF), which finances operations in the Western Balkans and the EU’s Southern Neighbourhood.

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Why partner with us

Donor partnerships provide an effective vehicle for donors looking to deliver sustained impact in developing countries. They enable donors to work with the EIB to unlock projects with high socio-economic returns, reaching out to people and places with additional support for targeted development outcomes. EIB activities outside the EU account for around one third of EU development aid. All contributions to EIB donor funds are considered Official Development Assistance (ODA) eligible.