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  • JASPERS - Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions

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  • JASPERS is a technical assistance partnership between the EIB and the European Commission and an important instrument of the EU Cohesion Policy.

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  • JASPERS is a technical assistance partnership between the EIB and the European Commission and an important instrument of the EU Cohesion Policy.

    JASPERS helps beneficiaries shape high-quality projects by offering three types of support:

    • project preparation
    • capacity building
    • independent quality review.

    Assistance may cover five sectors:

    • roads
    • rail, air and maritime
    • water and wastewater
    • smart developmentenergy and solid waste

    JASPERS’ capacity building activities, organized by its Networking and Competence Centre, consolidate the transfer of knowledge carried out during project assignments, with workshops and training courses. JASPERS publishes on its networking platform (http://www.jaspersnetwork.org/) working papers to disseminate best practices and addresses common issues encountered during project preparation.

    A Quality Management Unit oversees overall coordination and ensures JASPERS’ efficiency and quality.

    JASPERS focuses on large projects (major projects) with total costs exceeding EUR 50 million for environmental projects and EUR 75 million for transport or other sectors. However, there is flexibility about these thresholds in the case of small countries or where projects serve as pilot actions to establish best practice.

    In addition to its headquarters in Luxembourg, JASPERS has regional offices in Brussels, Bucharest, Vienna, Warsaw and Sofia.

    Beneficiary countries as at 31/08/2019:

    • 22 EU Member States (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom)
    • Six Accession countries (Albania, Kosovo, the Republic of North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey).

    JASPERS' project preparation support may be made available to other EU countries benefitting from EU Structural and Cohesion Funds, if there is demand and resources made available.

    Technical Expertise

    JASPERS’ expertise and hands-on advice covers all aspects of the project cycle:

    • Project preparation
    • Strategic support
    • Horizontal issues, such as State-aid, CBA methodology, institutional structures)
    • Capacity building
    • Implementation support
    • Independent quality review

    JASPERS’ experts help think and plan, reshape and optimise, and comply and apply (comply with best practice, international regulations and European methodology, and apply for EU funds under the best conditions). 

    JASPERS Activities: 2006 – 2019

    Since the start of operations in 2006 and until 31/08/2019, JASPERS has completed 1631 assignments. As at 31/12/2018, a total of 760 JASPERS-assisted applications for funding for major projects had been approved by the European Commission, for a total investment cost of around EUR 140 billion, of which EU grants amounted to EUR 77 billion.

    More information on JASPERS can be found on the dedicated website.

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  • JASPERS recognised for excellence in quality management
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  • The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) recently awarded JASPERS a 'Recognised for Excellence' certificate, which is is valid for three years.

    This remarkable level of recognition follows the EFQM 'Committed to Excellence' certificate that JASPERS obtained in 2017. Since then, the deployment of its quality management system continued. A recent assessment by EFQM to measure progress showed that JASPERS has by far exceeded the required threshold for the higher level of recognition. The assessment took into account JASPERS’ strategic challenges and objectives, together with a review of performance and results.

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