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  • GBP – Benchmark Programme

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  • The EIB is a leading benchmark issuer in sterling (GBP).

    The EIB offers an exceptionally comprehensive range of maturities in sterling, up to 2054. A wide range of bonds are offered in what the market considers to be a highly liquid benchmark size: GBP 1 billion or more. New lines are initiated in smaller sizes with the aim of increasing them to benchmark size over time - the so-called 'tap policy'.

    EIB GBP bonds typically offer a yield in excess of the UK Gilt. The EIB has a dedicated Sterling Dealer Group, which support liquidity in its sterling issues.

    EIB GBP bonds are eligible for repo operations at the Bank of England and for Sterling Stock Liquidity.

    A list of outstanding GBP benchmarks is available using this link.

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  • Last modified-on: 28-01-2021